Equipment Rentals redefined

Why Prime Asset Source

Rent the equipment of your choice

You decide the brand, the configuration and the rental tenure. Choice of rental period can be from 1day – to 3 years with option to own equipment.

Vendor Independent

Prime Asset Source is vendor independent but has excellent relationship with most suppliers/manufacturers of technology which enables us to help you acquire the right technology to suite your needs.

Rent to Own

Prime Asset Source gives you the choice to buy the equipment if you require it after the completion of the rental tenure.

Save Money

Prime Asset Source takes care of the cost of owner ship and disposal of the equipment.

Large Inventory choice

Prime Asset Source has large inventory of range of equipment available on short term renting. Staring from entry level desktops, laptops to high end servers with up to 32 cores in stock. We have complete range of Intel, AMD servers from MNC brands like Dell, HP, IBM. We also have UNIX servers from SUN, HP servers.

We provide Total Technology Management from start to finish.

Better Cash Management

Outright purchase requires immediate cash outlay. Our rental solutions need little or no cash outlays. Based on your cash flow you decide the tenure of the rental contract and the solution is completely tailor made for your requirement.

Choose from multiple payment plans, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly.

End term option for Greater Control

We give you greater control with our end term options.

  1. Return the equipment back to us
  2. You can also upgrade the configurations any time during the contract.
  3. You can extend the rental period, return early, or change the equipment to latest products.

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We provide leasing and renting solutions to businesses only.