Businesses can Rent Laptops as low as Rs 40/- per day!

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A good laptop with the latest configuration always makes the employees work efficiently and productively. In today’s fast-paced world, where technology changes rapidly, the demand is for quick and efficient results.

But, at a certain point in time, when the businesses would like to upgrade their systems to the latest configurations, purchase for a new line of business or any interim project. It requires a significant amount of working capital.

Alternatively, if you traverse on the path of renting the latest laptops, you avail the same high- end systems at a value which is much lesser when compared to ownership.

Let’s take an example. Let’s say your company needs a laptop with a good processor of 5th generation, decent storage space of 320GB HD, 8GB RAM for quicker computational capabilities. 

When we do a quick search, we see that the above configuration comes at a price tag of Rs,40,000/-.and above.

But, if you were to rent laptop with similar configurations, you can easily get it at as low as Rs 1,200/- per month, which comes down to Rs. 40/- per day which is very affordable for any business house at very minimal upfront costs.

In addition, for any business renting IT equipment will also have the following benefits –

Latest Technology

One of the biggest expenses any business incurs is on procuring the latest technology. Their focus would be on procuring a decent configuration system without spending a fortune.

The best plausible solution is to rent the assets and earn interest on the saved capital.

Tech-Support Services

On-demand Tech-Support Services are available, so you don’t have to worry about scheduled maintenance, repair, upgrading the laptops.

Rent Laptop in Bangalore

This will definitely help you save manpower on your tech-support reducing your operational expenses.

Save on Tax Write Off

Rent Laptops in Bangalore

The cost of your laptop rental is deductible against the taxes claiming as expenses and also by claiming the depreciation.

These savings make renting even more appealing than purchasing. It also gives you a flexible option of frequently upgrading without paying for the devaluation of the equipment cost.

Hassle-Free, Short or Long Term

Renting IT equipment is a sustainable concept which is suited for both short-term and long-term duration.

Rejoice the benefits of your office computer hardware like never before!

We at Prime Asset Source are an end-to-end service provider in terms of suggesting the correct IT hardware configuration for your business needs, getting them transported to your offices and setting up.

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