SMEs Renting IT Equipment: 5 Benefits

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Rent IT Equipment

When you’re starting or growing a business, cash is often in short supply. One way to spend less is to Rent essential and critical hardware required for your operations instead of buying it.

Are you aware that by choosing the rental option you can Save around 14% of your IT equipment costs?

Here are our thoughts on how renting IT equipment can be a good investment.

IT Equipment Purchase: A Pain Point for SMEs

In many cases, the first IT hardware in a small business are the personal laptops or tablets owned by the founding team, and sometimes, the early recruiters. This gadget isn’t owned by the company and that’s perfectly fine – you all have much more important things to handle than decide what laptop/workstations to buy.

While growing as a company, you will start hiring employees who won’t come with their own laptop or phone and will expect their employer to provide all that for them. This is an important inflexion point when you or one of your co-founders may become responsible for something called “IT Strategy” which in larger organizations may require as much as 25% of the workforce to set, maintain and protect. And I bet that’s not what you had in mind when you began your business.

Renting: A Panacea to Save IT Purchase Budget

There are no two ways about the fact that IT equipment is essential to meet a number of requirements and are crucial for the success of any company. The challenge lies in the rapidly changing technology. The most upgraded laptops today will become obsolete in a few years and have to be discarded to make room for new ones. Otherwise, the company loses out on the competitive edge.

Drop all your botheration and breathe a sigh of relief. Prime Asset Source is providing swiftly implementable IT equipment rental solutions for companies across different sectors. IT equipment rental is a cash flow friendly way to access the latest technology.

In our experience, getting IT equipment on rent can reap innumerable benefits. Some of the key benefits that we have observed are listed below:

  1. Ahead of the competition: How many offices have old laptops and computers taking up space in cupboards? Laptop rentals meanwhile enable you to spend your budget more wisely, while also taking advantage of continuous progress in computer technology. Stand out from your competitors by renting out the latest models and demonstrating to your clients that you’re a business staying ahead of the curve.
  2. Pragmatic and Profitable: This is particularly relevant if you are having to cut down on your business expenditures. Buying resources for the sake of a couple of meetings, training sessions, or for a specific corporate event is often unnecessary – why not rent what you need for the occasion and save your company some money?
  3. See it as a ‘try it till you buy it’ opportunity: Short-term laptop rental is also a great way to see if you get on with a particular device without forking out loads of cash, and then finding that you don’t like it. Or you can rent a laptop for your team for a specific project or event, without needing to commit to software or hardware for a long-term.
  4. Compatible to a more mobile workforce: Workers are more than ever either working from home, whilst travelling, or using shared working spaces. A more flexible workforce with rental laptops could be an excellent benefit to your business and enable your employees to be more productive while you adapt to the changing and flexible needs of your business.
  5. Renting vs Purchasing laptops: The maths is pretty simple. You either spend Rs. 25,000 on a typical laptop purchase, or choose to pay a little over Rs. 800- 1000 a month. Thus, the money saved can be put to better use in your business. Renting allows you to free up your cash resources that could be better utilized to meet other requirements, which are of higher priority.

Should your company be Renting/Leasing IT equipment?

Our IT equipment rental model is inspired by the best in the business. So if you have imagined something, 9 out of 10 times we would have the nuts and bolts to make it happen.

Tell us what you envision for your IT equipment purchases in the near future. Don’t you want your IT purchases to be seamless without having to rack your brains? We are enterprise ready to deliver that for you.

Build your IT dream list. Give us your perspective. Throw your IT aspirations at us. We thrive on aspirations. That is what keeps us awake and inspired!

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