Renting Technology: An Eco-Friendly way to run a Startup

by Aditya Sharma
Renting Technology: An Eco-Friendly way to run a Startup

As startups, we all want the latest technology or up-to-the-minute specifications from a laptop. Without thinking twice, we discard our out-dated models to feed this need. This viral trend defines modern day businesses around the globe. But at what price? 

Every year we bury 20 to 50 metric tons of electronic waste (e-waste) into landfills.

That’s 50. Metric. Tons.

However, if all these IT gadgets were rented, not only will the equipment simply go back to the provider, but more forests will be saved, more ecosystems will be protected, and fewer toxins will be released by factories because of lower manufacturing demand.

Simply, renting IT equipment is the most environment-friendly action you can take as a business. There is no downside!

Here are the ways of renting IT equipment can help reduce your carbon footprint and protect the environment.

Do away with landfills

IT equipment can be rented to multiple business users before they even begin to show signs of wear. It is of prime importance that the product’s life is increased so that it doesn’t go to a landfill as quickly as a discarded one.

As an emerging enterprise, by renting laptops or tablets you’re helping prolong the use of the IT equipment long before it’s ready to retire into recyclable material. You prevent the equipment from going into a landfill unnecessarily where it would have gradually leached harmful chemicals into the ground and water.


The Age of the “NOwners” alias “The Millennial Workforce”

Value experiences over possessions? Prefer renting things over owning them? Always opt for an ola or zoom cab instead of an owned one?

Congratulations. You’re already living the “Millennial” life. This is how the millennials operate.

Renting is about making smart choices that save money in the process. It not only makes financial sense but also an ecological one. The fewer the people own IT equipment, the lesser it takes a toll on the environment. 

Plus, we all know that investing in IT equipment can cost a bomb so why not rent stuff and embrace smart-spending? If you don’t know where to begin, try Prime Asset Source. It offers the latest technology at offbeat prices.

Conserve the Ecology

As businesses keep buying IT equipment, factories work at full power creating even more products during the manufacturing process. This releases more factory waste into the soil, water, and air.

However, when the IT equipment is rented to multiple business users on a need basis, this reduces the demand for brand new models.

Rented IT equipment is just as good as brand-new equipment but it also reduces carbon emissions and water pollution by reducing manufacturing waste from factories.

So as more businesses rent gadgets, the slower environmental degradation becomes.

As an enterprise, our mind still revolves around the latest technology. And the trend of buying the latest IT equipment will continue. Therefore, its essential we realize the cons as well as the pros of this new trend. 

Let’s not allow the technology trend to lead to an environmental crisis.

So enjoy your latest laptops or tablets, but rent and use your devices responsibly.  

Well then, is your business ready to start renting?


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