Benefits of Maintaining Clean Computers

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Computer Systems, Laptops, Servers are now commonplace in office complex, IT parks and almost all the industries. With the advancement of technology, work has become faster and much easier. 

Most workplaces that now have take-home laptops and other office equipment policies in place ,it is imperative for the employee to protect the office equipment from any sort of damage. As a business organization it is essential to have your office equipment secure for use during office hours and when not in use.

We have become so accustomed to using computers at of our daily routine life that we forget the importance of maintaining clean machines and is ignored by majority of the people.

Why should we clean computers?

Just like any other machinery, computer hardware needs periodic servicing for seamless working and a prolonged gadget life.

  • Dust and debris which gets settled on the desktops at workplace makes the office looks unprofessional.
  • Dust also inhibits the proper functioning of the workstations by getting accumulated on the CPU unit, fans and air vents.This overheats the system and it may lead to a permanent hardware damage.
  • As time passes, employees feel that computers are getting slower day by day and can lead to dissatisfaction among employees and reducing their productivity.. 
  • Computer exteriors are one of the most contaminated places at workplace infested with germs and bacterias like which leads to health hazards for the employee.
  • Keyboards stop working properly as dust and other particles get trapped behind the keys.

Even if you’re likely to replace your computers in a couple of years, With so many reasons listed above, doing regular maintenance of computers has become very and thereby reducing costs on IT spends.

How to Clean Computers?

Computer maintenance can be segregated into two segments namely Software and Hardware Maintenance.

Clean Software includes –

  • Regular Software and Antivirus updates which ensures that malware, viruses and unethical hackers stay away from your systems.
  • Create backups to save important files in case of a software crash. Delete unwanted files and programs from your system and defragment hard drives will help to clean your computer.

On the other hand Hardware Cleaning includes –

  • Wiping the dust accumulated on the computer peripherals which inturn makes the computer overheated and reduces the lifespan of the components.
  • Ensure that your computer is turned off and unplug all the wires from the power supply.
  • Clean the dust from the exteriors of your system with a soft dry cloth.
  • Use a compressed air-can to blow the dust from the insides, if needed, take any small paint brushes and start dusting the components.
  • Computer keyboard is one of the most germ infested items. Compressed Air Can can be utilized to blow away all the dust. Cotton swabs moistened with a bit of cleaning liquid or water can do wonders in cleansing the keyboard.


  • Cleaning and Disinfecting large server Rooms has to be of utmost priority as it is the place where the entire data of the business is stored which is very essential for day-to-day business functions.
  • Avoid eating or drinking near the system as accidentally it can lead to spillage and thereby damaging the IT equipment.

Studies have recommended to clean your computer hardware once every 3 – 6 months. 


Benefits of a Clean Computer

Benefits of Cleaning Computer for Individuals and Organization

    • Hygienic Benefits : Regular Cleaning of the system removes the harmful bacteria and germs thereby creating a better environment and significantly reducing the probability of falling sick.
    • Saves Time and Money :Well maintained system runs smoothly, performs better and has a prolonged lifespan which helps in saving time and money from maintenance and repairs and Businesses get better return on their IT investments
    • Boosts Productivity: Tidy and Clean Workplace along with clean machines help an employee to easily focus for long and boosts productivity.
    • Secured From Attacks : By regularly updating your software and scheduling antivirus program to scan for viruses can keep cyber-criminals away from stealing your data.

 Benefits for IT Equipment Rental Firms

    • Eco-friendly : With proper maintenance the IT equipment can be reused multiple times and eliminates the need for frequent manufacturing and  helps in reducing the carbon footprint.
    • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership: Procuring cutting-edge technology comes at a huge investment which most business cannot afford. Hence utilizing the IT equipment with highest lifespan reduces the cost of ownership.
    • Increased Brand Value: Rental Firm which provides good maintenance of their equipment will be immediately recognized and given more business opportunities.

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