5 tips to get the Maximum Returns on your used IT Asset

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In today’s information era, it is almost impossible to keep up with technical innovation. But experts suggest companies to refresh their IT hardware assets every 18 months to have the competitive edge.

As a matter of fact, most of the computer hardware in your organization from workstations and laptops to servers need to be upgraded constantly. Not only are these IT assets numerous, they’re also expensive to acquire, configure and maintain.

This is known to many IT infrastructure heads and they proactively plan to upgrade. At the same time what about used hardware. Inappropriate disposal of these will significantly lead to a large amounts of e-waste which brings us to the concepts of IT asset management.

What is IT Asset Management ?

 IT asset management is a system of strategic processes to ensure hardware assets that are so essential to the success of an organization are effectively managed from start to finish in order to achieve the highest possible return on investment.


Here are five simple tips to get the most out of your used assets.
  1. Know Your Assets
  2. Before we dive into the details, it is important to take a few minutes to see what your IT assets are worth. 

    There are many websites which will assist you to determine the current value of your asset based on the year of manufacturing and other hardware specifications.

    Latest equipment will fetch you a higher return.

  3. Keep your accessories with your IT asset
  4. This goes without saying. But in reality at least 60% of equipment end up with a missing adapter, batteries or a power cord. This will greatly reduce the price of the asset. Assets that come with all the accessories will surely give you a higher return.

  5. Brand Name Matters
  6. The computer brand you purchase has a significant impact on the resale value when it is resold. Brands like Dell, Lenovo and Apple typically fetches you a higher resale value on your initial investment.

  7. Erase, don’t destroy, hard disks
  8. A lot of organizations have strict security policies that requires removal or destruction of hard disks before they are resold.It is a no-brainer that a computer with hard disk will sell for more than the computer without a hard disk. There will be a significant increase in the resale value if you format the hard disks.

  9. Remove Passwords and Reset
  10. Securing the asset while in use is a good strategy but Devices with tracking programmes turned on, BIOS Lock, theft recovery software cannot be resold and thus are a wasted opportunity.

Assets maintained in good condition without scratches or damages are always picked up by the buyers thereby providing good returns.

We at Prime Asset Source are a secure IT Asset Disposal Firm which helps organizations minimize the costs by providing end-to-end services of asset removal, logistics, refurbishing and/or environment friendly disposal.

We optimize the entire process for maximum returns on the buy back of computer hardware from start to finish.

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