New Equipment Renting

If you are looking to buy new equipments use rental as a solution for equipment procurement. With our "Rent to Own" solution you can pay over a certain period of time and also own the equipment if you like on completion of the term.

How it works

Step 1 - You choose the brand/configurations
Our specialist will work with you IT manager to help you decide the configuration and choose the brand. We will work with you on the SLA's and terms of warranty with supplier/manufacturer.

Step 2- Flexible Rental Periods
We offer 1, 2, 3 years rental period options. We also give the pre agreed price to Own the equipment after the completion of rental period.

Step 3 - Flexible Payment Plans
Assess you cash flow and decide on the flexible payment plans like monthly or quarterly.

Step 4 - Flexible End Term Options.
The end term options are decided in the beginning of the contract yet you have flexibility to choose the one you need. You can decide on the option just 1 month before the end of contract. Our end term option are. . . .
End Term Options

  1. Return the equipment back
  2. Extend the contract at a new reduced price.

Step 5-One Approval/ One Agreement
We sign a Master Rental Agreement for your entire technology requirement which you may have presently or which may arise in the future. There is no further Agreement to be signed. For all future requirements you only need to execute annexure to the Master Rental Agreements.

Step 6 -Rent equipment, as you need
You may want to buy more computers only when new recruitment happens or when your business expands. Here we give you option to rent as you need.

Step 7 - Watch Your Company Grow
With the new cutting edge technology and low cost of ownership Watch Your Company Grow!!!! 


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